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Family Law

Above all else, Hollie is a lawyer that is dedicated to helping the most important thing in life: family.

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Battles for custody can be tough. Hollie has the experience and knowledge to do whatever it takes in the court room.

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Hollie Lemkin has years of experience advocating for mothers and fathers, and understands the law.

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Property Division

Assets are some of our prized possessions. If divorce is the answer, be sure you are protected by the law.

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Hollie Lemkin Law

Family Law Attorney

Orange County

Hollie A. Lemkin's practice is built on the foundation that providing strong legal representation and your needs come first. Hollie Lemkin, is proactive, driven and compassionate. You get the experience you need, starting with your first consultation.

Family Law and Related Issues
10 Best Client Satisfaction, American Institute of Family Lawyers

Hollie A. Lemkin is located in Orange County and represent clients throughout the surrounding Southern California areas in divorce, family law, child custody and related matters. She focuses on all of your divorce, custody, paternity and family law-related issues. Hollie provides aggressive legal representation in negotiations, mediation and court. Ms. Lemkin is also highly knowledgeable regarding real estate transactions and real estate law.

Standing By Your Side — Shoulder To Shoulder

Ms. Lemkin believes that providing superior legal representation doesn't just mean she walks you through the legal steps involved in your situation. It means she listens to what you want to accomplish, help manage the emotional side of your family law issue and uses her knowledge of the law to help accomplish a favorable outcome.


What Our Proud Customers Continue To Tell Us

"I have been a client of Hollie Lemkin for almost 2 years and in that time she has made a significant improvement in not only my life but the lives of my children. Hollie Lemkin has a soft spot in her heart for all children and fights hard to protect them."

- J. R.

"When I met Hollie I told her I wanted my children, my business, and my house. Hollie Lemkin was able to get me all three! She is wonderful! One of the brightest people I know. Ms. Lemkin is dedicated, selfless, and has a great heart. She is really gold in a field that is littered with rocks."

- Dr. A. G.

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Will You Have to Pay Spousal Support?

Despite what you may have heard, rumors of the demise of spousal support have been greatly exaggerated. It is true that spousal support is not as commonplace as it once was, but that is mainly because more and more couples...

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Do You Need a Lawyer if You Go to Mediation for Your Divorce?

Divorce is always emotional, no matter how prepared you thought you were or how cordial you and your spouse manage to act toward each other. However, if you are able to hold your feelings in check, mediation is a great...

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Divorcing in California? Your Spouse Is Entitled to Half Your Community Property!

You are the primary breadwinner in your family. Throughout your career, you’ve worked long hours, stressed out over those big presentations, and moved mountains to close deals. Your company rewarded you with promotions and pay raises. Now, your spouse is...

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Hollie A. Lemkin tries to take the uncertainty out of your situation. We commit to providing straightforward, knowledgeable legal advice for our clients.

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